TikToker goes viral after sharing feces-filled hospital experience

Dylan Horetski
CharlieClassic feces filled hospital stay
TikTok: CharlieClassic/Wikimedia Commons: MrJacon000

TikToker ‘CharlieClassic’ has gone viral on the app after sharing a story about his recent hospital visit that included a sewer backup, a lot of feces, and minimal treatment.

A new post from TikToker CharlieClassic about feces is potentially a second meaning to calling it a “viral video.”

CharlieClassic has built his platform around just that, amassing over one million followers since creating his account.

Now, he’s had yet another video go viral where he shares a feces-filled story about his recent stay at the hospital.

CharlieClassic shares feces-filled hospital experience

Uploaded on August 10, CharlieClassic shared the story of “one of the worst” hospital experiences that the has had.

Charlie began the video to explain that he went into the hospital initially due to issues with his foot, but was immediately met with issues when he arrived.

“I get to the hospital, I’m waiting to get checked in for about four hours. They take me back to a room, do a few tests and bring me back out to the waiting room,” he explained. “As I’m waiting there, a lady in a jean skirt sits her Michael Kors bag on me. She tells me she’s a doctor, looks at my foot for about 12 seconds, and just leaves.”

Shortly after, Charlie was brought back into a room to be looked at for two days without being seen. He then hobbled his way to the bathroom to find the floor covered in human feces.

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As the TikToker headed to a second bathroom, all of the doors in the hallway start flooding with more feces.

He added: “As I’m trying to jump over this turd river with one leg, I hear the nurses yelling that every place is flooding. The sinks, faucets, and even the kitchen are flooded with crap.”

Charlie ended his video by noting that the nurses were super good with him, they just appeared overworked and he was just there at a bad time.