Dexerto is an award-winning media company at the forefront of gaming culture and esports.  We champion esports & gaming’s biggest moments and the personalities that shape them.

Founded by four friends in 2015, Dexerto began as a community-driven esports and gaming site that brought fans together through a passion for competition.

Today, Dexerto has grown into the outright market leader in esports (competitive video gaming) media and for coverage of digital celebrities emerging from social media. We have trail-blazed an enhanced style of gaming coverage that celebrates each community as an independent world of culture and entertainment. We have risen to the ever-growing challenge of journalistic integrity by breaking stories beyond the reach and understanding of traditional media.

With headquarters in London, offices in the US and France, and content creators scattered worldwide – self-funded and in just seven years – we are already driving a new standard in entertainment, with a sustainable business model that keeps control of our vision and enables award winning content creators to tell the stories that matter to a new generation of fans.

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