Daniel Kaluuya responds to Logan Paul’s criticism of Nope: “What’s he done in cinema?”

Josh Tyler
Daniel Kaluuya claps back at Logan Paul.
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After Logan Paul criticized Nope, the movie’s star Daniel Kaluuya clapped back in an interview.

Logan Paul isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers and step out of his comfort zone, evidenced by his incredible transition from YouTube personality to boxer.

With this shift, Paul has repeatedly called out potential opponents, including professional boxers, and gotten his fair share of heat in return. But he hasn’t kept criticism to the fighters.

Recently, he expressed his feelings about the new Jordan Peele movie, Nope and he did not hold back.

Paul called Nope “one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time” criticizing the pace and plot. One of the movie’s stars took exception to this criticism.

Daniel Kaluuya, who previously starred in Peele’s directorial debut film Get Out, appeared on a CapitalFM radio show and was asked about Logan Paul’s criticism of Nope.

Kaluuya did not hold back when responding to Paul’s criticism.

Kaluuya asked why Paul’s criticism carries weight given his lack of experience in the film industry. Although he acknowledged the YouTuber has a right to his opinion, the star of Nope was confused as to why his opinion was being given such weight.

“What’s he done in cinema?” Kaluuya asked. “You’re just a brother who’s just talking about things.”

Although Paul is entitled to his criticisms, Kaluuya is correct that he does not have any experience in film that would uniquely qualify him as opposed to any other viewer.

However, with such a big fanbase as Logan Paul has, his criticism will certainly carry weight with many moviegoers.