How to find rare fish in Cult of the Lamb: Tips to catch special creatures

Brad Norton
Cult of the Lamb catch rare fish
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If you’re looking to catch special fish in Cult of the Lamb and aren’t having any luck, here are the best tricks to finding rare creatures in the sea.

As though Cult of the Lamb wasn’t already addicting by itself, there’s also a fishing minigame to keep players hooked. Pun intended.

While basic fish will appear on a daily basis at Pilgrim’s Passage, finding special fish is a little trickier. You can always get extremely lucky, but if you’re looking to improve your odds, there are a few things to try.

Below is a full breakdown on how to catch rare fish in Cult of the Lamb.

How to find rare fish in Cult of the Lamb

Perform Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty

The first and most effective trick to help catch rare fish is to perform the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty. Upon triggering this effect, you’ll have two full days in which double the amount of fish will appear in Pilgrim’s Passage.

Moreover, it also increases the chance of special fish spawning in. So for two days, drop what you’re doing and rush to cast your line out and catch some fish. By the end of the session, you should have caught multiple of every species in the game, even the rarest creatures.

Cult of the Lamb Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty
Massive Monster
Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty is the most effective way of catching rare fish in Cult of the Lamb.

If you’re looking to cook with them, some powerful Recipes will now be available that your followers are sure to enjoy. But if you find your inventory is overflowing with aquatic life, you can always sell some of these rare fish for a pretty penny back at your camp.

Tarot cards come in handy

As a bonus trick to find rare fish in Cult of the Lamb, you can also rely on the effect of a particular Tarot card, should you find it. One tarot card gives enemies the chance of dropping fish upon death while you’re out on a Crusade.

While it’s not a guaranteed drop, and the chance of securing special fish is indeed slim, it’s the only other method of catching fish that doesn’t actually involve fishing.