Gus Fring from Breaking Bad is playable in MultiVersus and fans are freaking out

Michael Gwilliam
Gus Fring in MultiVersus

MultiVersus players can now face off against each other as Gus Fring, a major antagonist from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, thanks to an incredible mod.

It might only be in beta still, but MultiVersus has taken the gaming world by storm, hitting a massive 10 million player milestone in just three weeks.

A big part of its success comes from its impressive and growing roster of fighters ranging from DC superheroes such as Batman to NBA star LeBron James. Plus, there are loads of characters coming such as Rick and Morty.

One of the most-requested series for representation is Breaking Bad with fans campaigning for Walter White to be added as a character. While they wait for the developers to cook up Heisenberg, however, Gus Fring may have to suffice.

Gus Fring vs superman
Game Banana/MultiVersus
Yes, that’s Gus Fring fighting Super Man.

Gus Fring joins MultiVersus with incredible fighter mod

A new MultiVersus mod created by user ‘Dr.Zebi’ uses Arya Stark’s model and replaces it with Gustavo Fring.

Wielding a boxcutter as he does in Breaking Bad, the character looks absolutely amazing in-game, so much so in fact, that some users thought it was official.

“This sh*t is getting so good [I] can’t tell real from fake,” one impressed user commented.

“This is one of the best-looking models I’ve seen. Fits into the game’s art style perfectly, and I haven’t noticed any rigging issues. This should set an example for all mods going forward,” another remarked on the GameBanana mod website.

His glasses, hair, attire and even facial expression all match the antagonist played by Giancarlo Esposito in the show, making for one hell of a fighter.

Considering how popular this mod is and how players have been begging for Walter White to join the fray, hopefully, Gus and other Breaking Bad favorites can officially join the game soon and we don’t end up with another Waluigi in Smash Ultimate situation.