Nvidia RTX 4090: Price, release date, specs & more

Sayem Ahmed
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Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is a hotly anticipated graphics card that we expect to release in October 2022. We’ve gathered every single morsel of information including a potential price, release date, specs, and more. 

The RTX 4090 is going to be Nvidia’s flagship GPU for the RTX 4000 series. Built on TSMC’s 5nm process, the Lovelace-based GPUs are aiming to up the game in power provided to the user. Shrinking the die down once again, the tech and Lovelace architecture behind these new cards are sure to be the definite article.

AMD will be releasing their RDNA3 graphics cards at some point down the line, but whether or not it can stop Nvidia’s string of dominance has yet to be seen.

We already know that Nvidia has booked up TSMC to the tune of up to $10 Billion to get these chips manufactured, which is intended to counteract the shortage we saw with the RTX 30-series.

Right now, it looks like the RTX 4090 will be the first next-generation graphics card to be released, so hopefully, we should be seeing them land fairly soon.

With the current climate in the electronics field, what with shortages and more, Nvidia seems dead set on ensuring their top-end GPU makes it out the door this year. The same can’t be said for their 4070 and 4080 cards, which have had wild fluctuations between launching in November 2022 or even into 2023 to ensure that the 30-series cards get out of the supply chain.

A next-gen graphics card is going to generate some degree of hype. We saw it in the release of the RTX 3000 series of cards, and you can expect to see it in the RTX 4000 lineup too, however with the collapse of GPU pricing after a cryptocurrency crash, we remain hopeful that if you want this one, you will probably be able to get it without too much hassle.

RTX 4090 release date rumors

The RTX 3090 Ti was only released earlier this year.

The RTX 4090 is currently expected to release in October 2022. This comes after a report by Moore’s Law is Dead, which maintains that the release of the graphics card may have been shifted around to slightly later than expected. This is all subject to change until the official announcement, however, so take the rumor with a grain of salt.

There are reports that RTX 40-series chips are now hitting Chinese suppliers, with their estimates poised for a September release. However, the source for this piece of information is a little bit shaky, so we’re not moving our estimates away from the October 2022 release that we’ve heard from Moore’s Law is Dead. It’s a good sign to hear this stuff from the grapevine, but once more leakers start talking about it, an earlier release may be solidified.

However, we once again stress that this is very unlikely, and that October remains to be the best estimated release date of the RTX 4090, with an announcement in September, rather than a full release.

This is reportedly due to an oversupply of previous-generation graphics cards. This comes after years of inflated MSRP pricing. Now, retailers are stuck with so much aged stock that it threatens the release window of Nvidia’s Lovelace next-generation cards. Due to this oversupply, Nvidia has cut the price of current-generation high-end graphics cards.

Early rumors suggested that it could be released as early as July 2022. This is corroborated by an industry insider and leaker named Kopite7Kimi, who has consistently delivered accurate leaks regarding graphics cards in the past. the initial rumor had the RTX 4090 releasing at some point in Q3, but Kopite7Kimi clarified that we could be seeing the RTX 4090 release as early as mid-July, however the time for that has long since come and passed.

We will just have to wait and see for ourselves when the time comes around. The July estimation was made a few months ago, meaning that the date could have been shifted a little bit further back into late August, or even early September, according to Videocardz. This is a much more realistic outlook as timeframes for these rumors shift around regularly, especially since the 4090 has not even been officially announced.

RTX 4090 price rumors

The RTX 4090 is expected to be priced at $1999. This figure is based on several factors. Firstly, the RTX 3090 Ti pricing landed at $1999, which was more than anyone was expecting, and really didn’t make too much sense for the consumer. Secondly, the RTX 3090 was priced at $1499. Taking into account the rise in material costs, we could see the RTX 4090 priced higher than its previous-generation counterpart.

There are also additional rumors from YouTubers speculating that it could come slightly underneath this estimate, at $1799. However, we’re going to err on the side of caution when looking at this, because based on the specifications, we could expect significantly more performance out of the RTX 4090 compared to the 4080, unlike the previous-generation RTX 3000 models.

RTX 4090 specs rumor

  • RAM: 24GB of GDDR6X
  • CUDA Cores: 16384 (+56% more than the 3090)
  • Base clock: 2235 Mhz
  • Boost clock: 2520 Mhz
  • Bus width: 384-bit
  • Memory throughput: 21Gbps
  • TDP: 450W

Source: Kopite7Kimi

The specifications of the RTX 4090 shifted around a little bit since we last saw it. The card is expected to be a cut-down version of the AD-102-300 chip, with the larger variant seemingly being kept behind for the RTX 4090 Ti, whenever it decides to show up. However, one of the most surprising things about the RTX 4090’s current configuration as it’s rumored is the clock speed, which was recently tweaked.

The base and boost clocks are blisteringly fast, and it’s possible that the highest-possible clock for the card will be around 2750 Mhz. For reference, the RTX 3090 Ti, a card that was only released a few short months ago clocked in at 1680 Mhz. This means that the RTX 4090 will have around 38% faster boost clock speeds compared to the fastest card of the last generation.

These specs are subject to change up until launch as the specs get locked in, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any updates. They are likely to now be near-final specs, but we’re still waiting on an official announcement.

Kopite7Kimi also recently tweeted that the full-fat version of the RTX 4090, a potential RTX 4090 Ti would have slightly different specs, with a full AD102 chip, 48GB of GDDR6X RAM, and 18176 CUDA cores, which is an astonishing number. They also put the card at having a total board power of around 800w. There is some speculation that this version might be a new Titan card, which Nidia retired not too long ago.

With a staggering power draw, it might be unlikely to expect this card to come to market in general applications outside of niche use-cases, and will probably only materialize to market later on in the generation, or if AMD decides to release a card that manages to compete directly with the RTX 4090 and beat its performance.

RTX 4090 benchmark speculation

We expect that the RTX 4090 will be around twice as fast as the RTX 3090, with faster specs across the board. In leaked benchmarks, the RTX 4090 managed to perform 82% better than the RTX 3090 in Time Spy Extreme, according to Kopite7Kimi.

RTX 4090 leaked benchmarks

In gaming workloads, leaked benchmarks suggest that the RTX 4090 performs exceptionally. Leaker XpeaGPU revealed that the card managed to run Control at 4K, with Ray Tracing and DLSS on at a blisteringly fast 160FPS. No small feat for a game that is notorious for bringing many GPUs to their knees with how heavy it can run. Though, remember that these are leaked benchmarks, are by no means official, and can change compared to the final product.

Compared to the RTX 3090, the RTX 4090 is going to have around 47% higher boost clock speeds, which is an unbelievable jump in performance. However, the higher clocks are not the whole story. It going to take a lot of power to drive those kinds of speeds, and with faster speeds and higher clocks comes increased power usage. The current rumored TDP of the RTX 4090 stands at a staggering 450w.

With more power to achieve those boost clocks, you are inevitably going to have issues surrounding heat. The power produced by the RTX 4090 could see the card’s design having at least a four-slot design, with huge heatsinks and fan solutions to attempt to keep the card cool while in use. AIB manufacturers with third-art designs, such as companies like ASUS, Gigabyte, and Zotac will all have to figure out their own thermal solutions, and it remains to be seen if we see premium options like the liquid metal used to attempt to dissipate the heat faster than the tried and true thermal paste.

You can also expect AIB models to attempt to maximize their boost clock speeds with factory-overclocked models, with coolers built to handle that extreme thermal load.

Where to buy an RTX 4090

Since the card is not officially announced, you cannot currently order the RTX 4090. We’d expect pre-orders to go live at retailers after the card has been unveiled. You’ll probably have a healthy amount of stock on the 4090, especially since the card will probably be too expensive for most people to consider. But, if you’re not able to wait that long before splurging on a GPU, you might want to take a look at the 3090 for the time being. But, you should still expect them to be outclassed fairly soon.

The RTX 4090 will not be the fastest Lovelace card

The RTX 4090 will not be the fastest Lovelace-based GPU that Nvidia will release, it is going to use a cut-down version of the AD102, the best chip, definitely, but they will also be saving the full-fat version for an RTX 4090 Ti or Titan equivalent card later down the line. The reason why companies usually start on the highest-end of cards is that they are able to then do something named “chip binning”. So, if a chip is made and doesn’t quite cut the mustard to become an RTX 4090, then it might be put into a pile for use later n life as an RTX 4080 Ti later down the line.

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