How to do Griddy celebration in FIFA 23: Controls guide

Philip Trahan
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Electronic Arts has added the now-viral dance called “The Griddy” as a celebration for FIFA 23. Here is a guide to help players perform it.

FIFA 23 is the next installment in the long-running FIFA video game series launching on September 30, 2022.

Developer Electronic Arts has been steadily giving fans new information about the game such as the game’s confirmed licenses, stadiums, and even the new goal celebrations added.

Now, EA has added the viral Griddy celebration to the game ahead of launch. This guide will show players how to perform the Griddy after a goal in FIFA 23.

How to do the Griddy in FIFA 23

Which buttons to press

To perform the Griddy in FIFA 23 fans simply need to hold down R2/RT and flick the right control stick up twice after scoring a goal.

Performing goal celebrations themselves is simple: after scoring a goal there will be a brief moment where FIFA fans can control their current player.

During that brief moment, simply input the correct button combo and the respective goal celebration will play.

Thanks to the official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account, fans can see the viral dance in action in both FIFA 23 and Madden 23.

The short behind-the-scenes video shows Viking’s number 18, Justin Jefferson and dance creator LAHGRIDDY.

About the viral Griddy dance

The Griddy was a viral dance created by artist LAHGRIDDY, which quickly gained popularity thanks to prominent celebrities.

Notably, the dance has become a popular celebration in both American football as well as Association football or soccer.

YouTube: DAZN Canada
Christian Pulisic performed the Griddy during the club’s 2-0 win over Lille in the Champion’s League.

Since gaining popularity, the dance has made its way into video games, like Fortnite and now both Madden and FIFA 23.

While not everyone performs the viral dance with flying colors, players should certainly expect to see a lot more of the Griddy in 2022.